Mingmar Sherpa and the Dimil School Project, Nepal

Mingmar Sherpa: Creating a Future for Nepal

Imagine that it is freezing cold, and a snowstorm is raging. Despite the lashing wind, locals trudge steeply uphill with oversized backpacks through the highest mountains in the world. This portrayal is how most people would envision the everyday life of a Sherpa in Nepal.

Even if there is some truth to be found in the extravagant performances of Hollywood, most cannot imagine what life on the roof of the world is really like. Education and an iron will for progress can have an enormous impact for everyone in Nepal.

A prime example of this is Mingmar Sherpa.
Like so many other young men in Nepal, he too longed for the mountains and was an avid climber from a young age. He dreamed of being a part of the big expeditions. He started out as a carrier (carriers – also known as porters – are typically responsible for carrying luggage and food to the base camp) and supported teams on Mount Everest.

Although he attended elementary school for only a few years, Mingmar managed to learn multiple other languages through conscientious efforts and active exchange with other mountaineers. His diligence and commitment did not go unnoticed, and he was soon promoted to Sherpa – a high mountain carrier. His childhood dream of making high altitude mountaineering his profession came to fruition.

Due to his courage, talent, and determination, he was hired by the most famous mountaineers in the world and climbed Mount Everest a total of eight times. He used these influential contacts to set up his own company in Nepal, with which he offers trekking tours and expeditions.

Today he owns many companies and lodges. Year after year, hundreds of enthusiastic mountaineers trust his experienced team on spectacular trekking tours and allow themselves to be safely guided to the highest peaks in the world.

His own children are now studying in New Zealand and Milan. However, his family are not the only ones to benefit from his achievements. Mingmar uses his abundant influence and financial success to help children across Nepal. He has built several schools (that are recognized by the government in Nepal) to ensure that every child has the chance at a successful life and that there are many more success stories besides his own.

The MyIdol Foundation admires and supports such heroism and is proud to be a part of Mingmar Sherpa’s mission to create a better future for children.


Founders Message

Every journey starts with the first step. Even if our goals seem large and far off, we persevere and take it one step at a time until we get there. With the same prevailing attitude, I focus on building my companies and climbing the highest mountains, and have successfully accomplished all my goals.

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