Alfons Walser

The Epitome of Grace

Nepal is an unbelievably fascinating country with endless expanses that can provide you with a whole new sense of scale. Surrounded by the highest mountains on earth, a sense of awe will sweep over you as you begin to question your own existence, including whether something as minute as the human body can have an impactful effect on the future.

For more than 30 years, Alfons Walser has been traveling regularly from his home country of Austria to Nepal. Originally, his fascination with mountains sparked his interest in Nepal. Growing up at the foot of the Alps, Alfons always felt a close connection to the hills and valleys that towered in front of his door. Although Alfons’ intense passion for mountaineering was ignited by the familiar surroundings of his home country, it increased exponentially after he completed his first treks through the Langtang, Annapurna, and Everest Mountain ranges.

It wasn’t just the imposing natural landscapes that fascinated Alfons, it was also his faithful tour companion – Nira Lama Tamang. Nira’s abundant willingness to help, acumen, and knowledge of human nature, in addition to his positive and radiant spirit, made him not only an excellent trekking guide, but also an all-around lovable person.

This led to a friendship that has lasted to this day and awakened in Alfons the tireless urge to help his friend whenever he can. Shortly after their friendship developed, a project called “Villa Rangi Zangi” launched. Alfons drew up plans to build a brand-new house for the Tamang family and, in the process, was not afraid to get his hands dirty. Due to the scarcity of resources and financial issues, various hurdles were encountered along the way, and it took several years for the family’s new home to be completed. Alfons’ determination and drive to improve their lives helped make his dream a reality. Today, the family lives happily in the “Villa Rangi Zangi” and welcomes Alfons regularly.

However, this new refuge was only the beginning of Alfons’ advocacy. Since he whole
heartedly believes that a good education is an essential building block for a promising
future, he persistently campaigned to collect donations and even used his own income
to provide all three Tamang children with tuition towards an excellent school.

Alfons Walser is a prime example of generosity and his commitment to philanthropy is
highly impressive. Every year, his support in Nepal continues to grow with multiple
projects either planned or underway. Several school success stories have already
emerged due to his contributions. has the utmost respect for Alfons and therefore, we support him fully.
Through his own will and effort, he changed the future of many people in Nepal. We
are confident that the work and sphere of influence Alfons has created can be
expanded dramatically with our means and as a result, many generations will benefit
from the persistent work of such a selfless person.


Founders Message

Every journey starts with the first step. Even if our goals seem large and far off, we persevere and take it one step at a time until we get there. With the same prevailing attitude, I focus on building my companies and climbing the highest mountains, and have successfully accomplished all my goals.

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